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Delicious Cherries that WOW you!

From the orchards to your hands




As brand under “Henry Internatio-nal”, WOW! CHERRIES wants to bring you the brightest and most delicious in-season cherries in the world. We are a cherry import specialist with over 16 years of experience in selecting the tastiest cherry varieties and growing pristine orchards across the globe. We absolutely love cherries, and we want you to enjoy them at their peak ripeness and best possible taste. Those are the ones that make you say “WOW!”


Cherry Sizing and Brix

Cherry sizing standards vary by country. Currently, international standards mainly utilize two different sizing methods - “ROW” and “MM”. Apart from USA and Canada using “ROW”, others are using “MM,” including New Zealand, Chile and Australia. The smaller the ROW number the larger the cherry, whereas MM is the opposite.

Premium Washington Air Freight Cherries

​全台灣免運 Free Shipping to ALL Taiwan 

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