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The magic from 14 days to 5 days

Without any detours. Closing the gap between farm and end-consumer




As brand under “Henry International”,

WOW! CHERRIES wants to bring you the brightest and most delicious in-season cherries in the world. "Henry International" is a cherry import specialist with over 16 years of experience in selecting the tastiest cherry varieties and growing pristine orchards across the globe. “We don’t aim to be the biggest importer. We aim to be the best cherries importer.” Sara Tseng, Founder of Henry International.

What was our inspiration for starting WOW! CHERRIES ?


We absolutely love cherries, and we want you to enjoy them at their peak ripeness and best possible taste. Those are the ones that make you say “WOW!”


WOW! CHERRIES was created after founders observed the traditional supply model in Taiwan, where it takes 14 days to get cherries to end-consumers. Given the short shelf life of cherries, taste changes with each passing day. Our goal is to close the gap between farm and end-consumer. No detours.

In other words, we want to change the industry standard by delivering cherries to you straight from the farms and orchards where they are lovingly grown, when they are at their freshest and tastiest.

WOW! CHERRIES buy fresh cherries

Where do our cherries come from ?


In the summer, we import from the northern hemisphere orchards of California, Washington, and Canada. In the winter, we flip it and import from Chile, Australia, and New Zealand. We do this to bring fresh in-season cherries to your doorstep year-round!


Our caring team is always involved throughout the entire process.

We taste the cherries right from the tree. We personally check deliveries at the airport. We stand by to ensure the quality of every hand-selected cherry in the packing station.

We’re your friendly supplier of vividly red, bursting-with-flavor fresh cherries. They’re the absolute best that money can buy.


​全台灣免運 Free Shipping to ALL Taiwan 

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